Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Question 10 to be answered by Eni

This is "Question 10" to be answered by Eni.

Introduction Question 10: The Third Version of my dismissal 

In April 2017, Mr. Mauro Meggiolaro, as "Critical Shareholder" of Eni (shareholder Fondazione Finanza Etica - Gruppo Banca Etica) took my case to the Eni Shareholders’ Meeting. 

Under Italian law, Mr. Meggiolaro wrote 10 (ten) questions about my history (Doc. 43-A). These questions would have to be answered by the Board of Eni. However, the members of the Board of Directors of the company did not answer to the questions that were individually formulated to them and preferred to respond in a long text (Doc. 43-B). In this text, Eni wrote a "new version" (The Third Version) about my dismissal.

"The former employee was fired together with other actors of unlawful behavior, by reticence, for having violated the obligation of confidentiality and by trying to use instrumentally Eni's Code of Ethics to gain personal advantages of the company".

This was the THIRD VERSION of my dismissal without Eni having submitted one single proof on its charges.

In fact, Eni tried to prove what the company said. In this same document Eni also says: 
Contrary to his belief, from the investigations performed by Eni, following the notices received in 2002, it emerged that, as reported by the Board of Statutory Auditors of Eni SpA in the Shareholders’ Meeting Report included in the Eni 2002 Financial Statements”. 

But, this “Eni 2002 Financial Statements” has 354 pages and there is no mention of my case (Doc. 43-C). 

Questions 10:

10-A) Eni presented the “third version” about my dismissal. The company tried to prove its claim by citing “Eni 2002 Financial Statements”. This document is no longer available on the company’s website. I found it doing a Google search. In the 354 pages of this official document there is no mention about my case! Why does Eni claims something about me that is not the truth? 

10-B) What is the company’s intention to quote an official document to try to make prove, knowing that there is no mention about my case? Doesn’t this attitude demonstrates Eni’s “bad faith” regarding my case, and the only intention is to denigrate and discredit me? 

I am #Eni's Whistleblower that suffers "retaliation" from this company until today.

There will be a total of "15 questions" which, in these 17 years, Eni has not yet answered.

Follow daily the new questions in my timeline to see if the Italian oil giant will answer.

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