Monday, July 23, 2018

Question 14 to be answered by Eni

This is "Question 14" to be answered by Eni

Introduction Question 14: Eni’s Executive vs Corruption

Executives are accused of "corruption" and the company defends them by stating that it fully “trusts” them! This is the case of Eni’s CEO: Mr. Claudio Descalzi (Doc. 44-I) and Eni’s Executivo: Mr. Roberto Casula (Doc. 44-J).

Question 14: Wouldn’t it be more prudent if Eni “sent away” these executives until the investigations of the Italian Criminal Prosecutor’s Office or even the ongoing criminal proceedings are over?

I am Eni's Whistleblower that suffers "retaliation" from this company until today.

There will be a total of "15 questions" which, in these 17 years, Eni has not yet answered.

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