Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Bribe Factory: Eni is involved... Of course!

Large global companies involved, including the Italian giant Eni (of course!).

Where is the Business Ethics? Where is the Compliance? They are only corporate marketing tools?

Where are the Whistleblowers?

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THE KEY PLAYERS (See the list of companies involved)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Eni: a company that is a state within a State

On March 17th of 2016, Andrea Greco, an economics journalist for the Italian journal "La Repubblica" (The Republic), in a partnership with Giuseppe Oddo, launched the book "The Parallel State: The first investigation on Eni".
In nearly five years, these journalists researched the past six decades of Eni, one of the largest companies of the planet, interviewing former employees, experts, politicians, scholars, as well as current accounts and documents of all kinds. They narrate in this work that the chief executive of the Italian energy giant is more important than the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the biggest scandals and obscure cases of corruption emerged in Eni, known as the "six-legged dog".
Among them, is highlighted the deaths, until today under mysterious circumstances, of Enrico Mattei, founder of the company, and also of former president, Gabriele Cagliari, involved in the "Tangentopoli Case", who committed suicide in prison. Not only that, but the last two CEOs (the current and his predecessor) are being investigated for international corruption both in Italy, Nigeria and England, especially for the payment of a millionaire bribery in the "OPL 245 Case".
In a book of this magnitude, there is a chapter dedicated to my country titled as "Brides and suffering in Brazil". The authors highlight the Brazilian's biggest corruption scandal involving the state-owned Petrobras as well as the payment of brides by Saipem (Eni's subsidiary). Besides, the summary of my fight story against Eni, of nearly 15 years, is part of this investigative book (see here). And this is a big victory for me!
But, it is not only my victory! It is also a victory to all the Whistleblowers that are being killed (and buried) around the world by companies that don't respect its own Code of Ethics, by employees and executives who steal corporate coffers and by the Board, that pretends nothing happens.
I hope my story can be an example and motivation to other Whistleblowers that should never give up trying to rescue and restore their name, their honor, their image and their reputation, which were thrown in trash cans by hypocrite companies that don't act with integrity, honesty, responsibility, transparency and uses "Ethics" just as a "marketing tool". Unethical companies need to be unmasked to no longer harm its employees and their families around the world.