Thursday, October 23, 2014

Eni: now the company is detrimental to consumers for poor service!

News in Italian language

Eni will compensate with a compensation of EUR 25 per head more than 100,000 customers who have suffered disruptions both within the "protection" of the free market gas.

It has established the Energy Authority accepting the commitments presented by the company as a result of disciplinary proceedings initiated for violation of the regulation on the billing frequency (more than 79.000) and delays in sending the Bill for change of supplier (27,000 cases). 

The compensation for all those customers that at the October 31, 2013 (date of commencement of investigation) were interested in inefficiency, still present at December 31, 2013. 

The Authority informs that Eni has also committed to ensuring the automatic extension and the interest-free instalment amounts invoiced, to join for two years at "conciliation Service customers energy" of authority and to promote initiatives to encourage the gas meter reading of the counter. Specifically, reads the note, communications will be to raise awareness of the importance of self-support reading, messages to customers for which there are actual readings or customer self-metre reading for at least 12 months and data capture through post-it on the occasion of the "visit" of reading. 

In addition, as a result of requests made by associations of consumers and small businesses in the market test, i.e. the publication of the commitments that the parties may submit their comments-for Eni has added an additional commitment, or to pay compensation of EUR 10 to all customers in "protection" gas that after November 1, 2013 have suffered or will suffer a delay of invoicing not yet ceased to December 31, 2014.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eni is defeated in law suit against a whistleblower!

After killing the whistleblower in Brazil - who, following the words and the spirit of the company´s Code of Ethics, reported a millionaire scheme of corruption and internal fraud at the brazilian subsidiary - the giant Eni tried to terrorize,silence and kill the whistleblower in Italy filling a lawsuit for slander and offence, and demanding a compensation of € 30 million.

However, the judge of the Civil Court of Rome, did not accept the wily attempt of disqualifying and denigrating the whistleblower, and gave a unfavorable decision to Eni, besides ordering them to pay € 32.000.

Now, the lawyers of the whistleblower, in Brazil and in Italy,  have already studied reasonable judicial measures against Eni so that, finally, he can rescue and restore his name,  image,  honor and  reputation and, evidently, recieve from Eni the fair compensation for all the damage (moral and material) endured by him over the past 13 years.

This whistleblower was a victim of his own report and has had his professional life destroyed by a company which  did not and does not follow its own Code of Ethics.

David´s fight against the giant dog  of six paws will be continued!

The details of this story are available at this LINK and this blog.

Douglas Linares Flinto
Funder & CEO

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eni è sconfitta nella causa contro un whistleblower!

Dopo aver ucciso il whistleblower in Brasile – che, in conformità con le parole e lo spirito del Codice Etico della azienda, ha denunciato un regime di corruzione milionario e frodi interne nella filiale brasiliana – il gigante Eni ha cercato di spaventare, ha cercato di far stare zitto e tentò di uccidere il whistleblower in Italia in un azzione giudiziale per calunnia e diffamazione, e chiedendo i danni di € 30 milioni.

Tuttavia, il giudice del Tribunale Civile di Roma, non ha accettato il subdolo tentativo di squalificare e denigrare il  whistleblower e ha dato sentenza sfavorevole alla Eni, oltre condannarla al pagamento di € 32.000.

Ora, gli avvocati del whistleblower, in Brasile e in Italia, già studiando misure giudiziarie applicabili contro la Eni, di essere finalmente in grado di salvare e ripristinare il suo nome, la sua immagine, suo onore e la sua reputazione e, naturalmente, ricevere il necessario compenso della Eni per tutti i danni (morali e patrimoniali) sofferti a lungo di questi più di 13 anni. 

Questo whistleblower è stato una vittima della propria denuncia, avendo avuto la sua vita professionale distrutta da una aziendaa che non ha cumpiuto e non compie e rispetta il proprio Codice Etico.

Continua la lotta di david contro il cane gigante di sei zampe!

I dettagli di questa storia sono disponibili a questo LINK e tutto questo blog.

Douglas Linares Flinto
Funder & CEO

Friday, October 10, 2014

Await the next post ... Bomb!

Await the next post ... The news will drop like a bomb in the kennel of the six-legged dog!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Make a difference! Make a whistleblowing disclosure!

You can report irregularities and illegal acts of Eni this blog. 

Make a whistleblowing disclosure! Make a difference!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Armanna reports. Eni disqualifies him... Always the same strategy!

An ex-executive of Eni SpA, Vincenzo Armanna, spent 11 hours testifying to Milan Prosecutors in the case involving the payment of bribes in Nigeria (OPL 245), with the current CEO of Eni (Claudio Descalzi) and the ex-CEO of Eni (Paolo Scaroni).

When leaving the Prosecution, Armanna told his story to the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica". This story was a bomb in the kennel of th scared and cornered six-legged dog!

Now, using the same strategy as always, Eni is trying to disqualify the whistleblower saying Armanna was dismissed for noncompliance to Eni's Code of Ethics.

Want to know what's the next step of the evil six-legged dog?

Eni will most likely process Armanna for "slanders" and "defamation" demanding a compensation of millions of Euros for the damages suffered...

How do we konw this? It was thust that Eni acted against Douglas Flinto, David Melfa and Giuseppe Marano. In addition to the Captain Gianni Franzoni

No one can confront this giant... His reaction is always to try and shoot down his opponentes!!!

It's very funny! When convenient, the company gives due prominence to Eni's Code of Ethics... 

... This is the Eni's Way!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The investigations become more intense... It's a lot of rot!

UPDATED: Eni, the Italian oil and gas giant, has pledged "full cooperation" with the authorities after it was revealed that a former marketing chief and a current manager are being probed for alleged tax evasion.

Rome prosecutors say Angelo Caridi, the former head of refining marketing, and manager Angelo Fanelli, falsified invoices related to excise duty on orders of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), according to a report in Corriere.

A businessman named Roberto Turriziani was also allegedly involved in the fraud, which reportedly allowed the men to “deceive tax authorities for years” and was instrumental in creating a secret "slush fund".

Investigators on Tuesday searched the headquarters of Eni Servizi, a subsidiary in the Lombardy town of San Donato Milanese, as well as seven homes owned by Caridi in Rome, Reggio Calabria, San Donato and Anzio.

Caridi, 67, is said to have played a “pivotal” role in the tax fraud, which prosecutors estimate exceeded €2 million.

“But we estimate the damage to the State is much higher; this is a focus of the ongoing investigations but also to identify how the money was re-used.”

In a statement to The Local, Eni said it is paying "great attention" to the investigation, which got underway two years ago, and assured "full cooperation" with the authorities.

The company added that the case related to “a relatively small industrial activity carried out by the former head of the refinery and marketing division.”

Although Caridi is now retired he is still remains on the staff books of subsidiary Eni Servizi, earning him a “fee” of €193 million a year.

A spokesperson for Eni was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Local.

Original text by The Local.

Learn more in Eni's Way: Now is systemic tax evasion in Italy 

There are so many irregularities, illegal activity and violation of the Eni's Code of Ethics... The six-legged dog is rotten at the core!