Friday, April 27, 2018

Corrupt Executives vs Whistleblowers

Executives accused of "corruption" the company defends... The whistleblowers are treated differently: They are silenced by Italian oil giant! And have their careers destroyed!

This is Eni's Way!

Friday, April 20, 2018

I need your help! Please!

I need your help! You must be following my posts here on LinkedIn. For more than 16 years I have been undertaking a personal saga, tirelessly and unceasingly, to rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation that are being denigrated and depreciated by the Italian oil giant to this day.

It all started in 2001. After finding out about a millionaire scheme of internal fraud and corruption at Eni's Brazilian subsidiary, I reported these facts to the internal channels of the company to comply with the determinations of Eni's Code of Ethics. In the following weeks, little happened and I ended up being fired. After invoking Eni Brazil's Ethics Committee, I received a response from the CEO of the Brazilian operation saying that my resignation was due to an "administrative and organizational reestructuring" and not because of a "retaliation", as I had stated. This was the 1st version about my resignation.

In 2010, in an attempt to intimidate and silence me, Eni filed a lawsuit - in the Civil Court of Rome - against me and against the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute, demanding an indemnity of 15 million Euro for any slander and defamation. In order to disqualify me before the judge, the company stated that everything I said was a fallacy and that, in fact, Eni made an "undercover investigation" in Brazil and I had a "reticent" and "non-cooperative" posture, thus ceasing the "trusting relationship" and, consequently, my "resignation". This was the 2nd version about my resignation.

In 2014, thank God, the judge ruled that the lawsuit filed by Eni was "groundless". The company didn't want to make an agreement and preferred to appeal to the second instance. The pre-sentence hearing would have taken place on March 30th, 2018, but due to bottlenecks in the Italian Justice, it has been postponed to "October 2019".

In 2016, my story was published in the first "investigative book" called "Eni: The Parallel State". This work was written by two renowned Italian journalists and, in a few months, become a "best seller" at Italy. One of the authors wrote me saying that they "decided to include my story because, after reading most of the documents I sent and talking to its sources, they became convinced that the story was well-founded, and that it was right and interesting to include it in the context of the book".

In 2017, during the "Shareholders' Meeting" of Eni (AGM 2017), another journalist, in the quality of "Critical Shareholder" of Eni, took my case to the shareholders of the company through 10 questions to be answered by the members of Eni's Administrative Council. Instead, the company wrote a long text and presented the 3rd version about my resignation: "Mr. Flinto was fired along with other employees of wrongful conduct, for reticence, for breaching the confidentialy obligation and for trying to use Eni's Code of Ethics for personal gains in the company".

Note that the Italian oil giant, in each new version regarding my resignation, distorted the facts that originally motivated the denunciations presented by me. Besides, it is uncontrovertible that one version is more false and lying, cruel and cowardly, harmful and hurtful than the other. Indeed, I was victim of my own complaint, I had my professional career destroyed and this company was responsible for my loss of retirement (Access this LINK and know more details about my story).

For all these reasons, I decided to participate at Eni's "AGM 2018" that will be held in Rome on May 10th, 2018. My goal is to be with the members of Eni's Administrative Council "face to face" and, in addition to increasing the "pressure" on this company, try to, finally, rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation with the support of the others shareholders of Eni present at the meeting.

However, I confess that I am a commom citizen and, since 2015, I've struggling to keep the Business Ethics Institute open, even fostering such and important and recurring issue. Unfortunately, I don't have enough resources to afford the high costs of an international trip. For this reason, I started a "chip in" online before my LinkedIn connections.

I take the liberty of asking for your help so that me and my lawyer can arrive at Rome on May 10th, 2018. You can contribute with US$ 50 (or 50 Euro)! In order not to mix these resources with my checking account or the Business Ethics Institute's, the deposit should be made in the current account of our "social arm" , founded a few months ago, but still no activities (IBAN number: BR4600000000069370000118800C1).

If you are sensitive about my fight and can help me, please let me know the day you made the deposit to my control.

To all the connections of my LinkedIn that help me, I will make an "accountability" soon after returning to Brazil with all the transparency and honesty that this subject demands.

May God give you back what you have done for me!

All the best.

Douglas Linares Flinto
Brazilian Business Ethics Institute

Chairman & CEO