Thursday, May 28, 2015

And now Descalzi? For how long will Eni protect you?

Each day, the circle closes for the CEO of Eni in the case of international corruption involving payment of brides to acquire - without bidding - OPL 245 in Nigeria.

And now Descalzi? For how long will Eni protect you? Where is the Board of Eni?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eni's VP of Communications on Twitter...

To publicize the new video of the Italian giant company, Eni's VP of Communications posted on his TwitterWhat does Eni do in two minutes?

The Eni's Way Blog asks the VP of Eni, Marco BardazziWhat does Eni do in 14 years?

Our answer? "The company destroys a promising professional carrier and also ends up with a retirement". 

New question for the six-legged dog:: Why Eni kills the whistleblower?

Learn more about this fight of  a whistleblower against Eni in this "MEMORIAL" and also in this blog .

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Run, Eni... Run! There's still time to change!

The Italian giant Eni has a lot of character deviation. Check it out:

The executives, including and especially the CEO, don't respect and don't comply with the words and spirit of Eni's Code of Ethics.

Systematically, Eni contaminates and pollutes the environmet, and with the same habituation, pays bribes in several parts of the world, which is a fact proven by the investigations on "international corruption" in Italy, England and african countries.

Without mercy and with cruelty, Eni kills its "whistleblowers" destroying their professional careers..

The Board doesn't fulfill its primary role, which is, to ensure the "Corporate Governance", even less is the "Guardian of Ethics" in the company. Actually, Eni's Board, besides being a figurehead, frightened by the largest Shareholder, only exists to fulfill the legal requirements and, especially for "shareholders to see"!

The Eni's Way Blog have something to say to you: Eni, there's still time to change. Run, Eni... Run! Before it is too late, because your fall and destruction is imminent!

Are you doubting it? Time will prove! The market and the Stakeholders are relentless with "unethical companies"!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sign the petitions. Help a whistleblower against Eni

Every year the “whistleblower” gains more importance in the context of corporate reputatuion and business continuity. The expression doesn’t bring anymore something pejorative and the complaint is no longer labeled as a “stool pigeon”. Now the whistleblower has a more noble, laudable and exemplary function: to preserve the name, image, reputation and patrimony of the companies! On the other hand, all of the Stakeholders should pay more attention on the retaliations against those who were motivated by the companies, encouraged and protected by the Code of Ethics to present some kind of concern or even complaint.

Paradoxally, it must not be allowed to the companies to kill their own whistleblower! It is not today that the companies kill the whistleblowers. The most famous cases – which including have been a cover of the renowned US magazine "Time" in the special issue "Persons of the Year" - are the WorldCom (Ms. Cynthia Cooper), FBI (Ms. Coleen Rowley) and Enron (Ms. Sherron Watkins)

Undoubtedly, many people in the four corners of the planet, when they face misconduct and disconformities according to the Code of Ethics of their companies, they keep silent for fear of suffering some type of retaliation. Many others are victims of their own denunciations, however for fear of jeopardizing their professional careers they don’t take the case any further. Instead, they get a new job and continue with their lives.

This was the case of Douglas Linares Flinto, founder and CEO of the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute and for fourteen long years, he tries, relentless and relentlessly, to rescue and restore his name, his honor, his image and his reputation, which was unjustly depreciated.

In 2001, when he was an executive, in compliance with the Code of Ethics, he made a complaint of a millionaire internal fraud scheme to the presidente of the brazilian subsidiary of the italian giant Eni. Weeks later he is fired! Then, Mr. Flinto invoked the Ethics Comitte that didn’t take any action. After, he wrote to the Board of Directors. After all, the Board is the highest authority in a company... The Board is the personification of the “Corporate Governance”... The Board is the "boss" of executives, including the CEO... The Board is responsible for the zeal of the Code of Ethics... And above all, the Board is the "Guardian of Ethics".

But no! After killing the whistleblower in Brazil, Eni tries to kill the whistleblower in Italy through a “Frivolous Lawsuit” demanding the courts of Rome a compensation of $ 40 million for slander and for libel. Not only that, company destroyed the working lives and the retirement of the Mr. Flinto.

Require from the Eni's Board of Directors comply with the words and spirit of its own Code of Ethics and so rescue and restore the name, image, reputation and honor of Mr. Flinto it is the “right and ethical thing” to do.

The struggle of Mr. Flinto against this giant Italian company with global operations can serve as inspiration and motivation for thousands of people worldwide. Besides, this case will be an example for those companies who hide in the drawers their Code of Ethics and only make use of it when they are interested. Companies like that use Ethics only as a “marketing tool”, but fortunately, the market and the Stakeholders will be ruthless and will shut the doors to companies who shows unethical business practices.

Ethics is always worth it!

Sign the petition

Sign the petition

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wreck-It Grillo... What does Eni have to say?

Beppe Grillo at the Eni's Shareholders Meeting

“I am here to talk about something that nobody can deny any longer: For many years now, ENI has created a corrupting system with world-wide reach. This criminal activity is supported in three ways:


It’s true corruption activity. It’s thus natural to call to mind the criminal investigations. The system of international corruption created by ENI outwith the borders of Italy, and especially in the African continent, is now in full view of everyone, even the magistrates. ENI is accused of offering bribes in these two situations:
- in Algeria to win a contract for the construction of gas pipelines (and here we’re talking of kickbacks amounting to 200 million with contracts worth 8 billion);
- in Nigeria for the ten-year concession to search for oil off the Nigerian coast (and the magistrates are talking about 215 millions in kickbacks where the concessions are valued at 1.9 billion).
A system of corruption that feeds off the connivance of most of the top managers in the company, as I’ll discuss. With a mixture of a complex system of blackmailing (the threat of losing one’s job) and the abuse of power exercised by the managers in relation to the employees, a system of collusion has been kept in existence, a system that has its roots deeply established in the company, a system that is not visible to ordinary citizens, in spite of the fact that Saipem, at least formally, is a subsidiary of a company that is still in public hands. 


In fact, for years, ENI has been building the foreign policy of the right-wing, left-wing and centre governments, on the system of international corruption. That is also true for this current government, but I wouldn’t know how to classify it. The Government is the majority shareholder in ENI with 30% of its shares. It owns these via the Ministry of Economics and Finance, and the Italian bank called “ Cassa Depositi e Prestiti”. However it pretends not to know what’s happening under its very nose.
The support given by the government to these criminal practices is evident if one looks at the people who are appointed to the senior management positions in ENI and in its subsidiaries. All these people have political experience and many are known to the prosecutors. The latest is the appointment of the new managing director of ENI chosen by Renzi: Claudio Descalzi. When he was Deputy Director General of ENI, this same Descalzi was involved in the long-running investigation into what happened in Kazakhstan as well as in another investigation into what happened in Nigeria, And just think that it would be enough to insert an appropriate clause into the statutes of any company having State participation and quoted on the Stock Exchange. The clause should set out a requirement for being honourable and it should specify in what conditions someone is not eligible for office or is obliged to step down if holding office. This clause should relate to anyone who is a member of the Board of Directors. This is what the M5S has asked for in parliament on a number of occasions. But the Government prefers to pretend to fight corruption and to rip the heart out of the public companies so that it can then sell them off to private companies and especially to foreign companies. It’ll get there very shortly.

And Italy is losing services, products, wealth and employment! The time has come for ENI, and I came here to tell everyone, including the small shareholders, what has become of this company that was founded by Enrico Mattei.

In the next few days, the M5S will call for a Parliamentary commission of enquiry about ENI".

What does Eni have to say? Deceits, lies and hypocrisies! 

The speech of  Mr. Beppe Grillo is in full (only in Italian). Acess here.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday, May 08, 2015

How a paw is an Official Partner...

The six-legged dog is an Official Partner for Sustainability Initiatives in African Countries at Expo2015. With one paw Eni sponsors the huge event and with the other five destroy Niger Delta in Africa.

This is incoherent and absoluty hypocrite! This is Eni's Way! 


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Eni's Board is only meant for Shareholders to see!

An executive, in compliance with the Code of Ethics, makes a complaint to the presidente of the subsidiary of your company. Weeks later he is fired! Then, the whistleblower invokes the Ethics Comitte that does not take any action. After, he writes to the members of the Board.

Why the directors of the Board ceases to fulfill its main obligation? Ensure the Corporate Governance, fulfill the words and the spirit of the Code of Ethics and investigate the serious complaints of a whistleblower. Instead, they agree on suing (Frivolous Lawsuits) the whistleblower, denigrating even more their name, honor and reputation. Not only that, this company destroyed the working lives and the retirement of the whistleblower.

What if it was in your company? 

This is Eni's Way... At Eni, the Board of Directors is only meant for Shareholders to see!

Learn more about this fight of the whistleblower against the six-legged dog in this "MEMORIAL" and also in this blog .

The fight of David against the giant continues (Is 47).

Monday, May 04, 2015

Eni is specializes in "Frivolous Lawsuits"!

Do you know how Eni works? The Italian energy giant Eni  works without respecting its own Code of Ethics. The company is crafty, liar, hypocrite, sagacious and has no Ethics. 

Evidence of this is the Petition of Eni to the Second Instance of the Italian Justice (only in Italian language), or better, the technical term is "Frivolous Lawsuits" an action barrier made ​​against a whistleblower to dissuade and intimidate other reports of irregularities and illegal activity.