Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Question 05 to be answered by Eni.

This is "Question 05" to be answered by Eni.

Introduction Question 05: Dr. Mantovani. False Dossier. Obstruction of Justice.

In 2018, Dr. Massimo Mantovani, began to be investigated by the Public Ministry of Italy for “Obstruction of Justice” given the elaboration of a “Dossier” against Mr. Luigi Zingales involving a “false conspiracy”. 

According to the promoters, the goal of this dossier is only to disturb the investigations against the current CEO of Eni (Doc. 01), Mr. Claudio Descalzi, in the OPL 245 case, in Nigeria, also known as “Bribe of the Year”.

Questions 05:

5-A) Was involving Mr. Luigi Zingales in this “False Dossier” Eni’s way to “avenge” the attitude of its former advisor and the “reasons” alleged by him to the newspapers when he resigned from his position in the Board of the company? 

5-B) What are the attitudes that the Board of Eni is taking regarding the very serious acusation of “obstruction of justice” involving its former Chief Legal Officer? If Dr. Massimo Mantovani’s participation is proven by the Italian Criminal Prosecutor’s Office, what does Eni intend to do? 

5-C) According to Italian prosecutors, the elaboration of this “Dossier” aimed to “protect”, diverting the target of the investigations into the “OPL 245 Case” of Eni’s curent CEO, Mr. Claudio Descalzi. Although Eni states that it “trusts” in the management of its executive, the evidence presented by the Italian Criminal Prosecutor’s Office is “robust” indicating that, indeed, there was a billionaire payment of bribes for the acquisition of this asset in Nigeria. Wouldn’t it be reasonable for Eni to “remove” its CEO until this case is finalized in court? By not removing the CEO, doesn’t it tell the market and Eni’s stakeholders that the company “endorses” acts of corruption that are totally contrary to the words and spirit of Eni’s Code of Ethics? 

I am Eni's Whistleblower that suffers "retaliation" from this company until today.

There will be a total of "15 questions" which, in these 17 years, Eni has not yet answered.

Follow daily the new questions in this Blog to see if the Italian oil giant will answer.

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