Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Run, Eni... Run! There's still time to change!

The Italian giant Eni has a lot of character deviation. Check it out:

The executives, including and especially the CEO, don't respect and don't comply with the words and spirit of Eni's Code of Ethics.

Systematically, Eni contaminates and pollutes the environmet, and with the same habituation, pays bribes in several parts of the world, which is a fact proven by the investigations on "international corruption" in Italy, England and african countries.

Without mercy and with cruelty, Eni kills its "whistleblowers" destroying their professional careers..

The Board doesn't fulfill its primary role, which is, to ensure the "Corporate Governance", even less is the "Guardian of Ethics" in the company. Actually, Eni's Board, besides being a figurehead, frightened by the largest Shareholder, only exists to fulfill the legal requirements and, especially for "shareholders to see"!

The Eni's Way Blog have something to say to you: Eni, there's still time to change. Run, Eni... Run! Before it is too late, because your fall and destruction is imminent!

Are you doubting it? Time will prove! The market and the Stakeholders are relentless with "unethical companies"!

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