Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Eni's Board is only meant for Shareholders to see!

An executive, in compliance with the Code of Ethics, makes a complaint to the presidente of the subsidiary of your company. Weeks later he is fired! Then, the whistleblower invokes the Ethics Comitte that does not take any action. After, he writes to the members of the Board.

Why the directors of the Board ceases to fulfill its main obligation? Ensure the Corporate Governance, fulfill the words and the spirit of the Code of Ethics and investigate the serious complaints of a whistleblower. Instead, they agree on suing (Frivolous Lawsuits) the whistleblower, denigrating even more their name, honor and reputation. Not only that, this company destroyed the working lives and the retirement of the whistleblower.

What if it was in your company? 

This is Eni's Way... At Eni, the Board of Directors is only meant for Shareholders to see!

Learn more about this fight of the whistleblower against the six-legged dog in this "MEMORIAL" and also in this blog .

The fight of David against the giant continues (Is 47).

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