Thursday, May 25, 2017

The 3 versions of Eni

Eni told “three different versions” about my dismissal. Each one more damaging and harmful than the other. In the first version, the company denies the “retaliation" after my complaint. In the second version, I did not colaborated with the confidential investigations. And in the third version, I am a “thief” and “opportunistic”.

1ª Version: CEO of Eni’s Brazilian operation (2002)

“I received your email of February 1st 2002 and we appreciate your congratulations and observations about the changes we promoted at the Cuiabá Regional. We find strange, however, your collocations that your dismissal from the company had occurred due to a “breach of trust”. That does not correspond to the reality of the facts. Your dismissal resulted from the administrative and organizational restructuring of the Cuiabá Regional. Being so that your contract was rescinded normally, with no just cause, having Agip even spontaneously maintained benefits after your dismissal, as, for instance, medical assistance extended to you and your dependents. We find unnecessary your references to Eni’s Code of Ethics, given that such have always been and always will be the master line of all of our actions”. 

2ª Version: Lawsuit against me in Italy (2010) 

To make it easier the understanding of the eminent magistrate, I anticipate that, given the communication from Douglas Flinto, without having provided any documentary evidence to justify what was said, proposes an instrumental (functional) reconstruction of the causes that led to his dismissal, in 2001, from Agip Brazil and uses the Code of Ethics for the sole purpose of, repeatedly, defaming and openly discrediting the company. We also point out that from the insights made by Eni, it doesn’t appear that any retaliation was committed, nor a violation of the Law and, much less, the principles of Eni’s Code of Ethics, at the expense of the employee on the part of the former subsidiary Agip Brazil and, especially, on the part of Eni. On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that Douglas Flinto’s dismissal had full justification in his reticent and not collaborative conduct taken by the employee during the company’s undercover investigations that aimed to reveal potential harmful acts to the company itself, ceasing the trusting relationship”

3ª Version: Eni Shareholders’ Meeting (2017)

“The former employee was fired together with other actors of unlawful behavior, by reticence, for having violated the obligation of confidentiality and by trying to use instrumentally the Eni's Code of Ethics to gain personal advantages of the company"

It is evident that Eni, in all these years, doesn’t assume the truth of the facts: that I am a whistleblower; that I fulfilled the Code of Ethics; that I reported a millionaire scheme of fraud and corruption in Brazil and was fired in retaliation. On the other hand, Eni committed a mistake in my case, and it is still committing mistakes and not assuming them, preferring to denigrate even more my name, my honor and my reputation.

My fight against a giant continues!

Note 1 - My motivation: "I make Malala Yousafzai’s words my own: “I tell my story not because it is unique but because it is not”.

Note 2 - My objective: "I hope my story can be served as an example, motivation and inspiration to other whistleblowers who are being silenced and their careers and reputations buried around the world by companies that dont’t respect their codes of ethics, by employees and executives who steal corporate coffers and the board that pretends nothing happens".

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