Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eni is defeated in law suit against a whistleblower!

After killing the whistleblower in Brazil - who, following the words and the spirit of the company´s Code of Ethics, reported a millionaire scheme of corruption and internal fraud at the brazilian subsidiary - the giant Eni tried to terrorize,silence and kill the whistleblower in Italy filling a lawsuit for slander and offence, and demanding a compensation of € 30 million.

However, the judge of the Civil Court of Rome, did not accept the wily attempt of disqualifying and denigrating the whistleblower, and gave a unfavorable decision to Eni, besides ordering them to pay € 32.000.

Now, the lawyers of the whistleblower, in Brazil and in Italy,  have already studied reasonable judicial measures against Eni so that, finally, he can rescue and restore his name,  image,  honor and  reputation and, evidently, recieve from Eni the fair compensation for all the damage (moral and material) endured by him over the past 13 years.

This whistleblower was a victim of his own report and has had his professional life destroyed by a company which  did not and does not follow its own Code of Ethics.

David´s fight against the giant dog  of six paws will be continued!

The details of this story are available at this LINK and this blog.

Douglas Linares Flinto
Funder & CEO

NOTE: This LINK you access the full sentence.

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