Monday, July 07, 2014

Open Letter to Eni's Board

Eni SpA
Chairwoman of the Board Eni SpA

c.c. Board of Directors, Board of Auditors, Management and other Eni's Stakeholders

Dear Ms. Emma Marcegaglia,

Today is completed two months since the Shareholders' Meeting of Eni Spa confirmed you as members of the Board of Directors of the company. With this, all of you have joined the Corporate Governance which  has the main responsability to be Eni's Ethics Guardian, ensuring, obeying and enforcing the words and spirit of Code of Ethics Eni.

Today is also completed thirteen years of my Life Defining Moment, an english expression to define something that marked someone's life forever!!!

In 2001, after fulfilling Eni's Ethics Code, reporting to the board of your brazilian subsidiary a millionaire scheme of internal corruption and fraud, exceeding US$ 18 millions per year, I was fired in "retaliation", which is a forbidden attitude and condemned by Code of Ethics Eni itself.

Now, regardless of the judgment that shall be rendered these days by the Civil Tribunal of Rome, in action for slander and defamation that Eni filed against me (?!?!), demanding a indemnity of US$ 100 millions (?!?!), your company will have to me an Eternal Moral Debt, because Eni, when trying to kill the whistleblower in Brazil and then in Italy, not only put an end to my career and my retirement, but destroyed my name, my image, my reputation and my honor (Get to know details from David and Goliath's story on this LINK).

However, Eni's Code of Ethics itself has as its assumptions and general principles:
  •  Eni undertakes to promote knowledge of the Code among Eni’s People and the other Stakeholders, and to accept their constructive contribution to the Code’s principles and contents. Eni undertakes to take into consideration any suggestions and remarks of Stakeholders, with the objective of confirming or integrating the Code;
  • Eni carefully checks for compliance with the Code by providing suitable information, prevention and control tools and ensuring transparency in all transactions and behaviours by taking corrective measures if and as required;
  • Compliance with the law, regulations, statutory provisions, self-regulatory codes, ethical integrity and fairness, is a constant commitment and duty of all Eni’s People, and characterizes the conduct of Eni’s entire organization;
  • Eni’s business and corporate activities has to be carried out in a transparent, honest and fair way, in good Faith;
  • Eni undertakes to maintain and strengthen a governance system in line with international best practice standards, able to deal with the complex situations in which Eni operates, and with the challenges to face for sustainable development;
  • All Eni’s People, without any distinction or exception whatsoever, respect the principles and contents of the Code in their actions and behaviours while performing their functions and according to their responsibilities, because compliance with the Code is fundamental for the quality of their working and professional performance. Relationships among Eni’s People, at all levels, must be characterized by honesty, fairness, cooperation, loyalty and mutual respect;
  • The belief that one is acting in favor or to the advantage of Eni can never, in any way, justify – not even in part – any behaviours that conflict with the principles and contents of the Code.

If Eni Spa wants to throw their Code of Ethics in the garbage, I won't do the same with my life!!! And that's the reason for me to continue, tirelessly until my last breath of life, with my personal saga to restore and redeem my name, my image, my reputation and my honor, unjustly depreciated by your company.

Best Regarts.

Douglas Linares Flinto
Chairman & CEO
Brazilian Business Ethics Institute

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