Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where is Greenpeace Italy?

They say that the dog is a man's best friend! But, this does not seem be the case for six-legged dog!

Eni SpA contradicts its own Code of Ethics, not only on issues involving the management of business, but also for the communities where the company operates.

In the Code of Ethics is imperative:

Development of local Communities

Eni is committed to actively contribute to promoting the quality of life, the socio-economic development of the communities where Eni operates and to the development of their human resources and capabilities, while conducting its business activities according to standards that are compatible with fair commercial practices.

. Eni’s activities are carried out in the awareness of the social responsibility that Eni has towards all of its Stakeholders and in particular the local communities in which it operates, in the belief that the capacity for dialogue and interaction with civil society constitutes an important asset for the company. Eni respects the cultural, economic and social rights of the local communities in which it operates and undertakes to contribute, as far as possible, to their exercise, with particular reference to the right to adequate nutrition, drinking water, the highest achievable level of physical and mental health, decent dwellings, education, abstaining from actions that may hinder or prevent the exercise of such rights.

. Eni promotes transparency of the information addressed to local communities, with particular reference to the topics that they are most interested in. Forms of continuous and informed consultancy are either promoted, through the relevant Eni structures, in order to take into due consideration the legitimate expectations of local communities in conceiving and conducting corporate activities and in order to promote a proper redistribution of the profits deriving from such activities.

. Eni, therefore, undertakes to promote the knowledge of its corporate values and principles, at every level of its organization, also through adequate control procedures, and to protect the rights of local communities, with particular reference to their culture, institutions, ties and life styles.

. Within the framework of their respective responsibilities, Eni’s People are required to participate in the definition of single initiatives in compliance with Eni’s policies and intervention programs, to implement them according to criteria of absolute transparency and support them as an integral part of Eni’s objectives.

Health, safety, environment and public safety protection

Eni’s activities shall be carried out in compliance with applicable worker health and safety, environmental and public safety protection agreements, international standards and laws, regulations, administrative practices and national policies of the Countries where it operates

. Eni actively contributes as appropriate to the promotion of scientific and technological development aimed at protecting the environment and natural resources. The operative management of such activities shall be carried out according to advanced criteria for the protection of the environment and energy efficiency, with the aim of creating better working conditions and protecting the health and safety of employees as well as the environment.

. Eni’s People shall, within their areas of responsibility, actively participate in the process of risk prevention as well as environmental, public safety and health protection for themselves, their colleagues and third parties.

However, Eni is systematically degrading the environment, contaminating the water, soil and air in various Italian cities, and causing diseases (and deaths) in the population, including defenseless children.

Learn some examples (Italian language):


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