Monday, September 22, 2014

If Descalzi is a honest man...

This Sunday (9/21), Eni's CEO vented in the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica", in an interview with Gad Lerner, to try and rescue his name, honor, image and reputation in the episode involving OPL 245, in Nigeria.

Claudio Descalzi "screans to the world" that he "isn't a dishonest man" and that he "can't sleep at night".

Eni's CEO is suffering what one of the company's ex-employee is suffering for 13 long years!!!

If Descalzi, indeed, is a honest man, a worthy man, a honored man and a man of character, he will examine, in every detail, the story of Douglas Flinto, fired in 2001, after reporting to the presidency of Agip  Brasil, corruption and internal fraud, complying with Eni's Code of Ethics.

Eni killed the whistleblower in Brazil and is trying to do the same in Italy, suing this ex-employee for slander and defamation, and demanding  30 millions (?!?!).

If Descalzi is a honest man, he will make Eni rescue and restore the name, the honor, the reputation and the dignity of Douglas Flinto.

Meet the repercussions of this case:

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