Monday, March 15, 2021


"If you want to know what an organization truly believes ethically, look at how they treat their whistleblowers"

by David Colapinto

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Mark of the Whistleblower

When they are hired, they receive the #CodeOfEthics with pats on their back. However, when they comply with the words written in the “Greater Law” of the company, denouncing misconduct or non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, they get kicked, lose their job, have their reputation destroyed, struggle to go back to the job market, and become the villain of the story!

#Ethics #BusinessEthics #Integrity #Compliance

Monday, October 26, 2020

I am unstoppable!

Italian oil giant Eni... You can believe it... I am unstoppable!!!

And I will never give up trying to rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation unfairly, machiavellically and cowardly depreciated by your executives!

Read more about my 19 years fight story with Eni in this Blog. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Eni & Me: Money Heist!

"Right now, they think they can only win. There’s only one way to avoid it. To face them.

Listen… In this world, everything is weighed on a simple pair of scales: what you can win and what you can lose. And right now… They think they have nothing to lose. And when you think you have nothing to lose, you get stronger. Well… We will… Show them… How much they have… To lose!"

by The Professor (Money Heist)

Monday, August 31, 2020


Read more in this Blog about my 19 years fight with the Italian oil giant Eni to rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation that were unjustly buried by the company.

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Eni & Me: 19 years of "Ethical Clash"​

My “Ethical Clash” with the Italian oil giant - to rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation - has completed 19 long years. 

As an "anniversary gift", I would like Eni to have the dignity to answer the questions that weren’t answered at Eni’s Shareholders’ Meeting that was held in May 2020.

Read this article in my Linkedin

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Bribe of the Century!

Prosecutors in Milan push for jail time for Eni and Shell execs for their alleged roles in the $1.1 billion OPL245 oil block corruption scandal in Nigeria previously exposed by Global Witness, HEDAgend, Re:Common and CornerHouse.

Eni chief threatened with 8 years’ jail in Nigeria corruption trial.

Italian prosecutors also seeking $1.1bn in fines against oil major and Shell over deal for OPL 245 production block.

Read more in this LINK.

Monday, July 06, 2020

The Bribe of the Century

“They were kickbacks. And Eni and Shell knew it,” Sergio Spadaro told judges in Milan, summing up the prosecutors’ case in what is one of the industry’s largest corruption scandals ever.

Read more at Reuters.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Eni & Me: the truth an the lie

Have you ever heard about the "Truth coming out of her well"? It is a painting from 1896 by Jeans-Léon Gérôme, a french painter and sculptor.

This work is linked to a "parable of the century" that says that, on a beautiful day, the truth and the lie met. And the lie told truth: "Today is a beautiful day! Isn't it?". The truth sighed, looked at the sky and agreed, because the day was, indeed, wonderful.

And they began to take a walk, and they walked together for a long time, until they reached the side of a well. The lie then tried the water and told truth: "The water is great! How about we have a bath together?". The truth was a little suspicious, but decided to try the water only to find out the water was very inviting. Then they undressed and began to have a bath.

Suddenly, in a sneaky way, the lie got out of the water, put on the truth's clothes and ran away. When the truth realized, it came out of the well furious and ran around trying to find the lie and get her clothes back.

The truth, then, ran naked through the streets, making its way through the people, who looked away from it with despise, anger and shame. And the poor truth, after running for a long time and searching in vain for its clothes, returned naked to the well and disappeared forever to hide her shame in the well's waters.

And since that day, the lie has been traveling around the world dressed in the truth's clothes, satisfying the needs of society because it has realized that the world has no desire to find the naked truth.

But there is another ending to this parable, that says: when the truth returned to the well, it refused to dress in the clothes of the lie and, because it had nothing to be ashamed of, the truth began to walk naked through the streets and villages. And that is why, since then, in the eyes of many people it is easier to accept the lie dressed as the truth than the bare truth.

Which ending of the story do you prefer?

Monday, May 18, 2020

Eni & Me: Whistleblower vs Anti-Whistleblower

Any resemblance to Uber's whistleblower is the "truest truth" about my "Ethical Clash" with the Italian oil giant which in 2020 will complete 19 long years! Read more about this article in this LINK.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Eni & Me: This is us!

The Code of Ethics transforms the employee into a whistleblower. But, depending on the company, and Eni is part of this unethical group, the whistleblower is fired in retaliation! After the dismissal, the whistleblower is turned into a villain! The company throws their reputation in the trash, puts an end to their career and chases the whistleblower until they manage to destroy their life and family.

This is Eni's Way!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Eni vs Petrobras: What do they have in common?

Many are the points in common between the Italian oil giant Eni and the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras.

1) Both are the largest companies in their countries;
2) The Italian and Brazilian government are the main shareholders in each of them with approximately 30% of the shares;
3) Most Directors of the Board are indicated by the government, ie, "politically indicated";
4) The CEOs are placed in their functions indicated by the Prime Minister, in the case of Italy, and by the President of the Republic, in the case of Brazil;
5) The companies management is far from being "independent" as it happens in the private companies. The governments have a complete interference.

However, Eni and Petrobras are different in two things, nowadays:

a) The current CEO is not a defendant in a criminal lawsuit (International Corruption);
b) The current CEO's wife did not receive $ 300 million from the company (Conflict of Interest);

Even so, the government confirmed another 3-year term for a #CEO accused of #corruption.

In fact, in a private company with values, honesty, integrity and ethics this situation would never happen!

Viva l'Italia!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Eni does it again!

The Italian oil giant does it again!

Eni will pay a fine worth of $ 24 million to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is Eni's Way!

Note: Read more about this subject.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A CEO accused of corruption... A Corrupt Company!

"Alarm raised as the Italian government has decided the best person to continue to lead the country's biggest multinational is Claudio Descalzi - on trial for serious corruption allegations"

by Barnaby Pace (Global Witness)

A CEO accused of corruption ... A Corrupt Company! Viva l'Italia!

This is Eni's Way!

Read more about this subject.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Eni doesn't respect anyone!

Out of respect for the pain and suffering of the Italian people because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had committed myself not to post anything about Eni until this was all over.

However, the Italian giant doesn’t respect anyone!

Even knowing that it won’t be successful in the 3rd instance of the Italian justice, it appealed the sentence of (unfounded) lawsuit that the company has filed against me in 2010 just to save time.

Besides, it is a great lack of respect for the Italian people the Conte government confirming the third term of the current CEO of Eni, even though he is a defendant in an international corruption case in Milan - for the payment of the “Bribery of the Century” in Nigeria, a total amount of US$1.1 billion - in addition to the “conflict on interest” because of the illicit gain of his wife’s company, that received US$300 million from Eni, as well as the fine imposed by EUA’s SAC in April 2020 because of the corruption of Saipem in Algeria.

Therefore, I will again report on Eni’s corrupt and unethical management. I apologize to the suffering Italian people for this.

Monday, April 13, 2020

The Marketing of Ethics

“Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Codes of Ethics are topics that are each day becoming more common within the corporate world. But these topics are only becoming common in the speech of the companies. There is a "black box" called corporate corruption and we have very few information about it. The press and the public opinion are very interested when the theme is corruption in the public sphere. This dedication is nonexistent when it comes to private relations. This way, a company can build a responsibility marketing while keeping under the rug possible transgressions.

Because of this, important themes can be transformed into a "marketing slogan". This seems to be what happened regarding your dismissal. It is still a positive thing that the company fired the people involved in the facts gathered by you. But a doubt will remain: how far did the branches of the corruption scheme that you helped identify go?

This is a very hard question to face today in the corporate world: what to do when the internal channels of the company punish the professionals that denounce deviations? Maybe the path is indeed going to Court. In your case, I believe that this clearly constitutes an unfair dismissal that deserves to be taken to Court, seeking judicial redress and indemnity.

Note that this is not just a personal matter. By taking this to Court, besides fighting for your rights, you will publicly expose what the company tried to hide by firing you. The company will be publicly identified as an "Ethics’ Marketing Company". This kind of action is important to serve as an example and to help showing that Ethics cannot be restricted to a speech. But that there are legal and, perhaps, even criminal consequences.

The difficult thing is to asses the impact of such an action on your professional and personal life. The fight can be somewhat idealist, because there is no guarantee that the "black box" of corporate corruption doesn’t make you a vetoed professional in the market. It is a risk. Of course, there are millions of companies that act with responsibility. And we still don’t know what will be the impact of transparency in the corporate world. If cases like yours begin to be taken to Court, it is possible that transparency will also reach all companies more quickly.”

Despite being written in the early 2000's, this article illustrates well my "Ethical Clash" with the Italian oil giant Eni - this year it will complete 19 long years - and it is also the battle of many #whistleblowers around the world against companies that don't respect their Code of Ethics, that has employees and executives who steal from the corporate coffers and against the Boards that pretend nothing happens!

Note: This article was written by Mr. Simon Franco when he was a columnist of the section "Career and You" and published in one of the most important magazine of Brazilian economy and business, as an answer to my message narrating my story with Italian oil giant Eni.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

What is success for you?

In quarantine times, we need to reflect on the success!

I do not know if my kids will remember me as a successful man. And yours, how will they remember you?

Please press play!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Eni & Me

In respect and solidarity with the Italian people, I will momentarily stop posting news about my "Ethical Clash" with the Italian oil giant.

Learn more about my story with Eni that in 2020 will complete 19 long years in this Blog.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Eni & Me

"No company is too big, too powerful, or too well-known to be held accountable and face enforcement action for its wrongdoings".

Read more about my 18 long years “Ethical Clash” with the Italian oil giant in this blog.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


New Global Movement: #NoRetaliationForWhistleblower.

Are you a whistleblower who has suffered retaliation? Be strong and courageous... Join us!

Who I am? I am a whistleblower! I am Eni's Whistleblower!

I make Malala's words my own: “I tell my story not because it is unique but because it is not" and “I hope my story can be served as an example, motivation and inspiration to other whistleblowers who are being silenced and their careers and reputations buried around the world by companies that don’t respect their codes of ethics, by employees and executives who steal corporate coffers and the board that pretends nothing happens".

Read more about my 18 long years “Ethical Clash” with the Italian oil giant in this Blog.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Eni: wrong thing, falsehood and lies!

This is Eni's Way!

Transparency? Ethic? Integrity? Values?

No, no and no... In the Italian oil giant there is only wrong thing, falsehood and lies!

Leggi questo articolo su Il Giornale.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

If Eni were an Ethical Company...

If the Italian oil giant were an Ethical Company, Claudio Descalzi "never" would be reappointed to CEO role.

But Eni is in Italy... Everything is possible, unfortunately!

This is Eni's Way!

Read the full article.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Eni & Me: Flash of Genius

Yesterday I watched the movie “Flash of Genius”. The true story is about the life of the university professor and inventor Robert Kearns that, in the 60s, had his invention stolen by Ford Motors. After 12 years, the American Justice recognized the wrongful act of one of the most important automotives industries on the planet and compensated Dr. Kearns.

I confess that I couldn’t help but make an analogy with my own story. After fulfilling the Code of Ethics of the Italian oil giant and denouncing a millionaire “scheme” happening at its brazilian subsidiary, I was fired by the corrupt executives that I denounced. And, after almost 19 years, I still have an “Ethical Clash“ with Eni, with the main goal of rescuing and restoring my name, my honor and my reputation unjustly depreciated.

Get to know the details of this story involving David, the Giant and his Code of Ethics:

This is Eni's Way!

Friday, February 07, 2020

Open Letter to Eni Rewind's Board

Dear Ms. Rita Marino (Eni Rewind's Chairwoman),

Mr. Paolo Grossi (Eni Rewind's CEO) and I worked at the same time at Agip Brazil. And, in July 2001, when I filed the first complaint on fraud and acts of corruption at Cuiabá Sales Management, Mr. Grossi was in AgipBrazil!

Then, in Aug 2002, when I made another complaint, now to Eni's headquarters in Italy and the CEO of AgipPetroli, Mr. Angelo Mario Taraborrelli, traveled to Agip Brazil, Mr. Grossi had an important participation in the investigations of the "corruption scheme" installed in Brazil.

Shortly after Mr. Taraborrelli's visited Brazil, 3 Regional Sales Managers were dismissed on Dec 2002. Even the Commercial Director of Agip Brazil was investigated and fired in 2003 for receiving "bribes". And Mr. Grossi was part of these ethical actions!

For this reason, Mr. Grossi knows the "true truth" of this story: "I am the whistleblower and I was fired by the corrupt Agip Brazil employees that I had denounced!".

I need Mr. Grossi's interference with Eni’s Board on my behalf so that I can finally, after 19 long years, rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation unjustly depreciated.

Note: Details of my story.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Eni vs Piero Amara

Officials of Eni, an Italian multinational oil and gas company, had support within the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) when Goodluck Jonathan was president, according to Piero Amara, a lawyer being investigated over the $1.1 billion Malabu oil deal.

Piero Amara, a former external lawyer of Eni, disclosed this in his statements to Milanese prosecutors, made available to Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian newspaper.

The prosecutors had asked for the names of some Nigerian government officials who conspired against Claudio Descalzi, the company’s chief executive officer.

Responding, Amara said Claudio Granata, Eni head of human resources and a “right-hand man” to Descalzi, had feared that Eni would lose the support it had within the EFCC if the former president lost the 2015 election.

I recall that during conversations with Granata we were commenting upcoming elections in Nigeria and Granata feared that Goodluck could not be re-elected. Granata’s fear was that they could lose the backing that Eni had, in particular within the EFCC and in a specific ministry, I guess it was the petroleum one, but I am not sure about this”, he said.

In 2017, two years after Jonathan had lost the election, the EFCC filed fresh charges against Eni over the scandal.

Amara also said Adebayo Ojo, a former attorney-general of the federation (AGF), would have been able to confirm the existence of a conspiracy against Descalzi.

Christopher Adebayo Ojo – I recall that it was point to me by Claudio Granata, Eni head of human resources, now number 2 under Descalzi, as an important person in Nigeria, a political, maybe a general prosecutor, who would have been able, if examined, to confirm the existence of a conspiracy against Descalzi”, he said.

Other two names, Chief Frank Abuja and Frank Orobosa, were mentioned to me by Alfio Rapisarda, head of ENI security. Both names were referred as persons belonging to the Nigerian security forces, who were also ready to confirm the existence of a conspiracy”.

In 2019, Ojo had said he collected $10 million as “legal fees” out of $50 million agreed with Dan Etete, a former minister of petroleum resources, for the sale of #OPL245.

Amara also said Eni was spying on prosecutors who accused Descalzi and Paolo Scaroni, his predecessor, of corruption in the Malabu oil deal.

He said he learnt from Granata and it was also confirmed by Alfio Rapisarda, head of the company’s security that Eni “carried out an activity of gathering information from the members of the board of directors aimed at acquiring information useful to discredit people or exploit what was acquired to their advantage.

I understand that information has been gathered on the prosecutors Paolo Storari, Sergio Spadaro and deputy prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale. I have already reported on the activities carried out in relation to deputy prosecutor Ielo (Paolo Ielo, Deputy Prosecutor of Rome, ed. ndr). I also know that information had been acquired on those who could have chaired the panels of judges in the OPL 245 trial”, he was quoted to have said

I have been told that news has been acquired not only from databases, but also through stalking and environmental interceptions in meeting places (restaurants, bars). I was told that the outcome of the activities carried out on the prosecutors did not give any useful results for Eni”.

Last week, Isaac Eke, a Nigerian witness who is a retired assistant inspector-general of police, testified in the ongoing probe. He reportedly contradicted himself while giving his testimony.

Shell and Eni were said to have given out bribes in the bid for OPL 245, one of Nigeria’s richest oil blocks. The oil block’s reserves were estimated at 9.23 billion barrels of crude oil.

by The Cable

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Italy’s Oil King

The journalists of the The Wall Street Journal (Ms. Sarah McFarlane and Mr. Eric Sylvers ) are at serious risk of being sued by Eni for "slander" and "defamation" - like I am - and for calling (and propagate on the Internet) the CEO of the company, Mr. Claudio Descalzi, “The Italy’s Oil King”.

The Italian journalist Milena Gabanelli (former presenter of Rai's Programa Report ) was also sued by the Italian oil giant.

This is Eni's Way!

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

What is the Italian oil giant afraid of?

On November 27th 2019, I requested to Eni’s DPO (Data Protection Officer) and also to Ms. Francesca Cottone (Senior Vice President) all the investigation documents about me the company claimed to have done (see this link).

Since 30 days have gone by and Eni did not comply with the provisions of the European Union’s GDPR Regulation, I had to request the interference of the GDPR’s “Guarantor” in Italy, as determined by the EU’s Regulation.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Friday, December 20, 2019

Monday, December 16, 2019

Latest update on the OPL 245 Corruption Scandal Case

In 2011, Eni and Shell paid $1.1 billion in a murky deal for #OPL245. Global Witness tracked down documents showing that this money didn’t go to benefit the Nigerian people.

Instead, it went to convicted money launderer, some politicians, government officials and former oil Minister, Dan Etete, who had awarded himself ownership of the block in 1998 via a company he secretly owned, Malabu Oil and Gas.

After six years of denying any wrongdoing, Global Witness’ investigation forced Shell to admit it knew the money would be diverted into private hands, and went ahead with the deal anyway.

Read more in this LINK.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Eni x Congo

Eni's investments in tar sands and palm oil in the Congo Basin: given  the  high  risk  of  irreversible  environmental  and social  damage,   investments  in  tar  sands  for  oil production and oil palm in the Congo basin should be cancelled (report).

Read the Report.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

New Open Letter to Eni's Board

My name is Douglas Linares Flinto. I’m Chairman & CEO of the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute. I’m a Whistleblower! I’m a Eni’s Whistleblower! Since 2001, I try to rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation unfairly depreciated by the Italian oil giant until this day!

My story is “unique” in the business world! In 2016, my story was published in the first "investigative book" on the corruption acts of the Italian oil giant and this book was titled Eni: The Parallel State, and was written by two renowned Italian journalists (Mr. Andrea Greco and Mr. Giuseppe Oddo). In 2017 and 2018, another Italian journalist (Mr. Mauro Meggiolaro), in the quality of “Critical Shareholder of Eni”, took my case to Eni’s Shareholder’s Meeting. And October 2019, Eni suffered another defeat! The Court of Appeal of Rome judges upheld the lower court ruling confirming that Eni’s lawsuit against me is “unfounded” (This lawsuit requested an indemnity of 15 million Euros). Now it's my turn to sue you for slander and defamation and claim compensation for all the damage I've suffered in these 18 long years!

But, there are many unanswered questions! Eni's Board needs to answer the this questions:

Introduction Question 01: Agip of Brazil's "top tier" was absolutely uncomfortable when I, fulfilling the words and spirit of the company's Code of Ethics, reported the millionaire "scheme" of internal frauds and acts of corruption when I was in charge of Regional Sales Management - Cuiabá (RSM-Cuiabá), the most important of all RSMs in the country.

If not, why would I be fired? What are the reasons for a company that boasts that the Code of Ethics is the "guiding principle" of all its actions, and instead of protecting the whistleblower, it ends up firing him?

It is unquestionable that the "internal audit" carried out at RSM-Cuiabá – after my complaint – was "fraudulent", because it didn’t fulfill its role! If I, who am not an auditor, were able to construct a "dossier" with more than 200 pages proving the "frauds" existing in this regional sales, how come the auditors of Agip of Brazil didn’t identify them?

Now, in what way, was Eni able to state – in an official company document and available on the corporate website – the reason for my resignation? Where is the "report" of the "investigations" that, according to Eni, was carried out in 2002 after receiving my correspondence? What does this document say? Did the company's auditors identify the internal frauds and acts of corruption that I had reported? Did they prove the illicit enrichment of the RSM-Cuiabá? Did they find his property incompatible with his annual income? Did they discover his tank trucks, whose partner was the city of RSM-Paulínia, who was also his “brother-in-law”? Did they demonstrate in this document the two “company owned gas stations” of the RSM-Cuiabá operated by "straw men"? Did the owners of the gas stations point out they received "fictitious" funding? Did they discover the "cold invoices" that were taken from the Distribution Base of Agip of Brazil in Cuiabá, by Criminal Prosecutors, and sent to the “Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry” (Fuels PCI)? Did they know that the RSM-Rio de Janeiro – who was in the RSM-Cuiabá while the "internal audit" was being conducted – was the “cousin” of the RSM-Cuiabá? Did they confirm that the RSM-São Paulo was the son of the CEO of multinational company of the automotive sector that "sponsored" the son of the Commercial Director of Agip of Brazil to participate in motor racing?

If all these facts – which prove "conflicts of interest", "fraud", "corruption" and "gang formation" to plunder the company’s coffers – had been pointed out in the report of the internal audit signed by Agip of Brazil’s General Manager of Internal Audit, the first attitude of the company would be the resignation of the Regional Sales Manager of Cuiabá and of all his associates (subordinates, peers and superiors). But history shows that this is not what happened! The first to be fired was the one who shouldn’t have been fired: the “whistleblower” who complied with the company's Code of Ethics.

It is obvious that the Regional Sales Manager of Cuiabá was only dismissed after I presented my "dossier" to Agip of Brazil’s HR Director when I left the company! The others involved in the commercial area were only dismissed after the company sent my "faithful squire" to my house, after my resignation, to get a copy of my "dossier". And RSM-Cuiabá’s operational area was only dismissed after I alerted the company's Board of Directors when I invoked the Ethics Committee in Brazil. It has also been proven that other Regional Sales Managers have only been dismissed after I sent a correspondence to the Board of the former parent company of Agip of Brazil, in Italy. And then, the Commercial Director himself was investigated and it was verified that he received "bribes" from the equipment suppliers for the "New Image" when the flags were exchanged, from Cia. São Paulo Petróleo to Agip. And because of that, he was fired even before Petrobras bought the assets of Agip of Brazil!

I have no doubt that Agip of Brazil’s General Manager of Internal Audit – who, in all these years, have been performing a similar function at Liquigás (controlled by Petrobras since 2004) – had no direct or indirect participation in the frauds that I reported. He has not benefited financially. I firmly believe that Mr. Marco Antonio Pinto is not a man with deviations of character! He only fulfilled the "orders" of the Commercial Director that had, including, the endorsement of the company’s CEO in Brazil. Why? For fear of having the same fate as mine!

The consequence of a "fraudulent internal audit" – which was the trigger for discarding the intrusive and inconvenient whistleblower – and, after my dismissal, moment at which my "dossier" appeared, and all the other complaints made in Brazil and Italy, the company had to "take action" and "clean up" what should have been cleaned up in my initial complaint in mid- 2001! This time, it was necessary to elaborate a "new plot" for me - verified in the “2nd and 3rd VERSIONS” about my dismissal!

QUESTION 01: When Eni conducted "investigations" on my case – after receiving my letter in 2002 – did the company contact its Agip of Brazil executives and requested information about me? Or was there an executive from the Italian headquarters who came to Brazil to carry out these investigations? In what facts and evidence, document and proofs, was the company founded to state the reasons for my resignation, demonstrated in the 2nd and 3rd Versions? Why has Eni stated that my case was published in "Eni 2002 Financial Statements" if there is nothing about me in this official company document?

Introduction Question 02: In March 2016, the year in which my "ethical clash” would complete 15 years old, two renowned Italian journalists (Mr. Andrea Greco and Mr. Giuseppe Oddo), after almost five years of research, published the first "investigative book" that tells the problems in Eni’s management in the last 25 years. The work, titled “Eni: The Parallel State" (Doc. 12), in a few months, would become a “best-seller” in Italy.

The only Brazilian story published in this book was mine (Doc. 13).

The authors made more than two dozen presentations about the book throughout Italy and there was never any kind of questioning from Eni, much less some lawsuit on the grounds of slander or defamation.

One time I asked Mr. Greco why my story had been published in his work. He answered me the following:

“The authors decided to include your story because, after reading most of the documents you sent and talking with their sources, they convinced themselves that the story had roots, and that was right and interesting to include it in the context of “Stato parallelo” (Doc. 14).

QUESTION 02: : If two journalists conducted "researches" and "investigations” into my story lived with Eni in order to publish it in an "investigative book", this means that the version I submitted about my resignation in this document is the true version? And, why does Eni still disagree with this version and even presented an "untruthful" version of my resignation without any evidence or proofs?

Introduction Question 03: Another Italian journalist, Mr. Mauro Meggiolaro, as "Critical Shareholder", representing the "Fondazione Finanza Etica - Gruppo Banca Etica", took my case to Eni’s AGM in the years 2017 and 2018 .

At Eni's AGM 2017, Mr Meggiolaro added, to his own questions, ten questions on my case (Doc. 15). And at Eni's AGM 2018, Mr. Meggiolaro preferred to use the microphone and talk to all present shareholders. It is worth transcribing what was said about me and what is "eternalized" in the Minutes of the Shareholders' Meeting (Doc. 16):

“We have been contacted again by Douglas Linares Flinto, a former manager of the Eni group in Brazil. Since we know that there are legal problems under way with Eni – a couple of years ago we asked a number of questions at the Shareholders’ Meeting on his behalf, with a view to acting as mediators between Douglas Linares Flinto and the Company to try and settle this conflict. I suggest that we organize a meeting with you: we would like to try to solve the issue, if you agree to have a meeting (he wanted to be here but could not come). If we can meet and overcome the emotional side of the affair, which is sometimes a bit strong, and we can instead talk about concrete facts, we would be happy to do so”.

But, unfortunately, until now, the meeting suggested by this "Critical Shareholder" has not been scheduled.

QUESTION 03: This is yet another proof that what I say is the "true truth"! Eni, if not, what are the reasons for a journalist and "Critical Shareholder" of one of the largest companies on the planet to take my case to the Shareholders' Meeting two times and, moreover, to be a "mediator"?

QUESTION 04: In 2010, when Eni filed a "lawsuit" against me and against the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute, demanding a compensation of 15 million Euros, the company took notice of all the "facts" and "evidence" that are reported in this document. Even knowing that I was speaking the "truth", why did Eni present the 3rd VERSION on my resignation – in 2017 – when it answered my questions from the company's "Critical Shareholder", Mr. Mauro Meggiolaro?

QUESTION 05: What are the reasons why Eni has never conducted an "independent investigation" on my case based on the facts reported here and the evidence and proofs presented here, which have been known by the company for many years?

QUESTION 06: Is it possible for Eni to carry out this "independent investigation" with Mr. Mauro Meggiolaro, "Critical Shareholder" of the company, that at AGM 2018 was willing to be the "mediator" between me and Eni, as the "observer”? If no, explain why.

QUESTION 07: If, after this "independent investigation", Eni finds that there have been misconceptions on the part of Agip of Brazil (and also Eni itself), will the company acknowledge its mistakes against me so that, after those 18 long years, I can, finally, be able to rescue and restore my name, my honor, and my reputation that were unjustly depreciated?


1) Check out in Doc. 11, the detailing of the facts and the dozens and dozens of proofs that, in all these almost 18 years, I have always spoken the "true truth"!

2) Check out in Doc. A, the Final Document - Eni's AGM 2019 - News Questions - Douglas Linares Flinto

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Eni suffered another defeat!

The Court of Appeal of Rome judges upheld the lower court ruling confirming that Eni's lawsuit against me is “unfounded”.

Now it's my turn to sue you for #slander and #defamation and claim #compensation for all the #damage I've suffered in these 18 long years!

Read more in this LINK.