Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The lesson of Agatha Christie for Eni

According to Agatha Christie, "one coincidence is just a coincidence, two coincidences are a clue, three coincidences are a proof". Therefore, the Italian oil giant has nothing against me: no coincidence nor proof!

I, as a Whistleblower (fulfilling the words and spirit of the Code of Ethics of Eni), has dozens of evidence. I have proof that this company, in all these almost 17 years, tries to intimidate me, to silence me and to annihilate me. And for that, it used cunning tricks like a "frivolous lawsuit" and "attacks" against my "honor"! (Read the details of my story with more than 50 supporting documents).

But I will never give up facing one of the most Corrupt and Unethical Companies in the corporate world. And these "qualities" of Eni are global public knowledge because the media always shows the mischiefs in the management of this company.

Note: Learn more about my story: a) Eni & Me: a 16 years fight!b) The 3 versions of Enic) Eni: Public Retraction or Criminal Complaintd) A gift for the Eni's Boarde) Open Letter to the CEO of Eni (Mr. Claudio Descalzi); f) Ms. Gabanelli: My case is very similar!g) Open Letter to the former Eni's Board (Mr. Luigi Zingales); h) Whistleblower: A hero, a villain or simply a fool?

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