Friday, February 16, 2018

Is it a coward or was it bought by Eni?

Everyone knows that the Italian "great media", hardly ever, give "negative" news about the Italian oil giant Eni. The millionaire advertisement dollars are the reason for the silence of the journalists.

Recently, the Italian parliamentarians approved a "Whistleblower Protection Act". An institution based in Italy, the "Transparency International Italy", was also responsible for the approval by putting "pressure" on the Italian senators.

I am a whistleblower! I know that my story is not unique! But I am the only whistleblower who has been fighting one of the TOP 20 companies for over 16 years! I am the only whistleblower who had their story published in the first "investigative book" that became a "best-seller" in Italy. I am the only whistleblower who presented their story at the "Shareholder's Meeting" of the company that continues to act with reprisal against me!

The Italian media not publishing my story is something natural... But, the Transparency International Italy - "which claims to defend whistleblowers" - is something unbelievable and unfortunate. 

Is this institution a coward or was it also bought by Eni?

I already know the answer! And you?

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