Monday, February 12, 2018

Dr. Luigi Zingales (former Eni's Board)

You felt in your own skin the weight of the paw of the Italian oil giant. Like me, you have been "slandered" and "defamated". However, the "truth" about your "integrity of conduct" has emerged from the unethical mire that is the management of Eni. But, this truth, didn't appear from the investigations made by the company's "compliance area" nor from the "Italian newspapers", but from investigations made by the "Italian Public Prosecutor's Office". 
You know my story!!! We were together in Brazil shortly before you asked for your resignation from the Board of Eni (see our e-mail on the image below). 
My story is the true!!! But my "truth: will only show up if you blow the whistle, if you sound the alarm!!! If you have the courage to be a "whistleblower" like I was, you will do me "justice" after these long 16 years of fight against the six-legged dog which has as a primary goal: "to rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation" that are being unfairly depreciated and denigrated to this day.

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