Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Dr. Francesca Cottone: You will also be reported!

Dr. Francesca Cottone
Vice President - Spot & Fraud Audit and Whistleblowing 
Internal Audit Department
Eni SpA

Subject:  "A complaint against the Internal Audit of Eni”

Since you are a part of the “Audit Department” of the Italian giant Eni as well as the Vice President of “Spot & Fraud Audit and Whistleblowing” and, therefore, the executive responsible for investigating the complaints received by the Stakeholders of your company regarding the nonconformities to the words and spirit of Eni’s Code of Ethics, as wells as acts of corruption and fraud practiced by employees of Eni Group around the world, I inform you that you too will be reported to IIA Global.

This complaint will be made because the Internal Audit Department was responsible for the “untruthful version” involving my case – that completed 15 long years – and was presented at the “Frivolous Lawsuit” that your company keeps against me in the Italian Justice and is spoken in the media.

The same complaint will made to the BAR in Italy and EU by reason of a "Frivolous Lawsuit"!

I also inform you that the Embassy of my country in Rome and a Italian-Brazilian Senator delivered a letter to the President of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Sergio Mattarella, and to the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, respectively, to demand from the Board of Eni an “independent investigative audit” regarding my case to emerge the "real truth" of the facts and so I can, finally, rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation unfairly depreciated by your company (see the file of the mentioned letter).

Best Regards.

Douglas Linares Flinto
Chairman & CEO
Brazilian Business Ethics Institute 

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