Saturday, October 29, 2016

Now it's the turn of Mr. Marco Petracchini

Now, IIA Global received a complaint about the "non compliance” practiced by the members of the Internal Auditing Department of the Italian giant Eni, including the Senior Executive Vice-President of Internal Audit (and member of the executive committee of the IIA Italy), Mr. Marco Petracchini, because when an internal auditor does't fulfill the International Standards for the Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) of the IIA Global nor its the IIA's Code of Ethics and presents a "lying version" of the results of an internal auditing in a "Frivolous Lawsuit" and also to the global market through the media. This professional may be terminated by IIA Global's Ethics Committee being subject to sanctions and appropriate punishments. 

This report will be based on the letter requires the Board of Eni to carry out an "Independent Investigative Audit" on my case, sent to the President of Italy (by the Ambassador of Brazil in Rome) and the Prime Minister (by the Senator Italo-Brazilian Fausto Longo). 

Read the details of this report in this LINK.

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