Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Armanna reports. Eni disqualifies him... Always the same strategy!

An ex-executive of Eni SpA, Vincenzo Armanna, spent 11 hours testifying to Milan Prosecutors in the case involving the payment of bribes in Nigeria (OPL 245), with the current CEO of Eni (Claudio Descalzi) and the ex-CEO of Eni (Paolo Scaroni).

When leaving the Prosecution, Armanna told his story to the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica". This story was a bomb in the kennel of th scared and cornered six-legged dog!

Now, using the same strategy as always, Eni is trying to disqualify the whistleblower saying Armanna was dismissed for noncompliance to Eni's Code of Ethics.

Want to know what's the next step of the evil six-legged dog?

Eni will most likely process Armanna for "slanders" and "defamation" demanding a compensation of millions of Euros for the damages suffered...

How do we konw this? It was thust that Eni acted against Douglas Flinto, David Melfa and Giuseppe Marano. In addition to the Captain Gianni Franzoni

No one can confront this giant... His reaction is always to try and shoot down his opponentes!!!

It's very funny! When convenient, the company gives due prominence to Eni's Code of Ethics... 

... This is the Eni's Way!!!

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