Thursday, July 12, 2018

Question 07 to be answered by Eni

This is "Question 07" to be answered by Eni. 

Introduction Question 07: Eni vs Whistleblowers

In October 2016, the Italian Senate began to analyze a “Whistleblower Protection Law” which was approved in the Chamber of Deputies in January this year. The International Transparency is the main leader of this movement (Doc. 40). In November 2017, Italian parliamentarians approved a "Whistleblower Protection Act" (Doc. 40-A).

Even though the subject “whistleblower” is in the journalistic agenda, no Italian journalist of the so called “mainstream media” was interested in publishing my story with Eni. The market says that Eni has a 400 million Euros budget on advertising and nobody dares to “badmouth” the largest company in Italy! (Doc. 41-A).

And the indication of this statements is that only the small newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” published, in 2016, a story of a data center employee of Eni, project costing 100 million Euros, that after reporting that his coworkers watched pornographic videos while working, was fired! The newspaper headline was “Eni: games and porn movies in the control room. Fired after speaking the truth!” (Doc. 41-B).

In 2013, Eni also fired a captain of one of its oil ships after he fulfilled the company’s Code of Ethics and provided a complaint. A blog of the newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” also broke the news! (Doc. 42).

These dismissals are more similar to my dismissal! 

Questions 07: 

7-A) Why don’t the great majority of the Italian newspaper publish “negative news” about Eni? Is this Eni’s “marketing strategy”: investing millions of Euro in advertising in order to contain the negative news against the company? 

7-B) Given the “Whistleblower Protection Law” that will “protect” whistleblowers from public and private companies, what will change in Eni’s “Ethics & Compliance Program”? What new actions will any take to comply with this new law? Does Eni have any concern about this new law? 

7-C) The stories of whistleblowers that are “silenced” and have their carreers “interrupted” by companies who don’t respect its Code of Ethics are very commom in the global corporate world. What does Eni have to say about it? 

7-D) It seems people claiming to be fired after reporting to Eni’s internal channels are commom. What does Eni have to say about it?

I am Eni's Whistleblower that suffers "retaliation" from this company until today.

There will be a total of "15 questions" which, in these 17 years, Eni has not yet answered. 

Follow daily the new questions in this Blog to see if the Italian oil giant will answer. 

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