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Question 06 to be answered by Eni

This is "Question 06" to be answered by Eni.

Introduction Question 06Spot & Fraud Audit and Whistleblowing

In 2014, for the third time, Eni had new non-executives and new executives. For this reason, I began to communicate with the new CEO and his new executives as wells as the members of the company’s Board.

One of these executives were the lawyer Francesca Cottone that, since July 2013, integrates Eni’s Department of Audit with the function of Vice President – Spot & Fraud Audit and Whistleblowing (Doc. 01) and currently serves as Senior Vice President of the Department of Compliance Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting.

Ms. Cottone, after Eni “blocked” my emails, became the only one to receive my messages. In one of these messages, I requested that she, for occupying the function she occupies within Eni, should have the dignity of carrying an “investigative audit” to emerge the real truth about my case! (Doc. 02) (Doc. 03) (Doc. 04). Mr. Cottone didn’t reply to my messages!

In 2017, the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute received an "anonymous complaint" involving Eni Americas: executives misconduct, corruption international and nonconformities with the Code of Ethics of the company. Unlike the first complaint, whose letter was sent from the United States, now the complaint was sent from Italy, Eni’s headquarters (Doc. 05) (Doc. 06).

Questions 06:

6-A) Why the Department of Spot & Fraud Audit and Whistleblowing didn’t answered my messages? Isn’t this department responsible for “whistleblowing”?

6-B) Why did the Department of Spot & Fraud Audit and Whistleblowing not accept my suggestion to conduct an “investigation” to clarify my case?

6-C) As CEO of the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute and Eni’s Whistleblower, I received anonymous complaints from employees of Eni Americas e Italy. Basically the complaints involved the same subject and were very “serious”. What were Eni’s attitudes regarding these denounciations involving Eni Americas’ executives in “acts of corruption”, as well as “conflicts of interests” involving Dr. Massimo Mantovani and Mr. Francesca Cottone? What are the results of these investigations? Did any proved what was reported? Has anyone been punished exemplarily? 

6-D) What would be the reason for two Eni employees, one from Italy and the other from the Americas, not to use the “internal channels” of the company, preferring to make serious complaints to a former employee who is also Eni’s whistleblower? Does not making these complaints directly at Eni any indicates that the company’s “Ethics & Compliance Program” has serious “credibility” problems? 

I am Eni's Whistleblower that suffers "retaliation" from this company until today.

There will be a total of "15 questions" which, in these 17 years, Eni has not yet answered.

Follow daily the new questions in this Blog to see if the Italian oil giant will answer.

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