Monday, August 22, 2016

Involving the President of Italy in my case

If the Board of Eni respected the "Best Practices" of the Corporate Governance - reflected on values as honesty, integrity and transparency - and honored the words and spirit of the Code of Ethics of the company, the Chairman, the CEO and the other directors would be the first ones to emerge the "real truth" about the 15 years story fight of a whistleblower that was fired - in retaliation - after reporting a millionaire scheme of fraud and corruption in the Brazilian subsidiary of the Italian giant Eni.
As three generations of the Board of Eni pretended nothing happened - they spread a "lying version" of facts and keep in the Italian Court a "frivolous lawsuit", demanding an indemnity of US$ 30 million - this whistleblower sent a letter - through the Brazilian Embassy in Rome - to the Chief of State of Italy, the President Sergio Mattarella, so he demands from Eni an "Independent Investigative Auditing" about this case. And this is because the Italian government is the major shareholder of Eni.
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