Wednesday, June 03, 2015

The Most Coward of the Companies!

In 2015, Italy's main company completed 62 years of foundation. Howerer, Eni reacaed the old age forgetting the principles and values that guided the responsable entrepreneurship of the viosionary Enrico Mattei.

The italian giant is, constantly, imposing its (apparent) power and strenght to pay brides to many parts of the world and pollute the environment in many locations, bringing a lot of degradation, poverty and diseases, including among harmless children.

But that's not all of it! The six-legged dog is trying to scare people. Its bites are ending with "dreams", shelving "projects" and destroying "lives".

Eni spares no efforts to annihilate who tries to unmask them. Check out a few examples:

a) A televison reporter is sued in 25 million Euros for investigating illegal actions of the company;

c) A business man is sued in 1 million Euros for defending their city against Eni's dirty paws. Cornered, this business man moved to Spain;

d) An environmentalist is sued en 400.000 Euros for defending another city against the six legged dog's contaminated drool;

e) Eni, after killing the whistleblower in Brazil, tries to the same in Italy using the same intimidating tactic: is sued in 30 million Euros. And relying on the silence of most of the Italian Press which is supported by their millionaire advertising budget.

Where is the Board of Eni? Why is the Board, who is the "Guardian of Ethics", not taking any action?

Who can chain and lock up in the kennel this one who is the most coward of the global companies?

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