Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eni's CEOs? Make your bets!

The investigations conducted by Milan's Prosecution are advancing, and as new evidences appear complelling on the international corruption practiced by the executives of the italian energy giant, the market begins to make their bets on the future of the former and the current CEO of Eni.

For many experts and journalists, Paolo Scaroni will be arrested on the next 12th day, when he will be interrogated by Milan's Prosecuters, and Claudio Descalzi is about to renounce his position, leaving the cockpit of Eni after completing one year in his position.

If this dark, but realistic predictions are confirmed, the Board of Eni will have to justify the market, because the company's highest authority, the Corporate Governance, Eni's Guardians of Ethics, keep saying their executives' management are, immaculately, ethic. Is it? Only time will say! 

What about you? What is your bet?

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