Monday, April 20, 2020

Eni doesn't respect anyone!

Out of respect for the pain and suffering of the Italian people because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had committed myself not to post anything about Eni until this was all over.

However, the Italian giant doesn’t respect anyone!

Even knowing that it won’t be successful in the 3rd instance of the Italian justice, it appealed the sentence of (unfounded) lawsuit that the company has filed against me in 2010 just to save time.

Besides, it is a great lack of respect for the Italian people the Conte government confirming the third term of the current CEO of Eni, even though he is a defendant in an international corruption case in Milan - for the payment of the “Bribery of the Century” in Nigeria, a total amount of US$1.1 billion - in addition to the “conflict on interest” because of the illicit gain of his wife’s company, that received US$300 million from Eni, as well as the fine imposed by EUA’s SAC in April 2020 because of the corruption of Saipem in Algeria.

Therefore, I will again report on Eni’s corrupt and unethical management. I apologize to the suffering Italian people for this.

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