Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Eni's CEO is on the tightrope!

Eni's CEO Claudio Descalzi is on the tightrope! His possible departure from the Italian oil giant's cockpit will not be given because he is a "defendant" in the case known as "Bribe of the Century", but because of the lack of "political support": the DP (Democratic Party) was defeated in the Italian elections of March 5th. The new Prime-Minister will be responsible for nominating the new CEO of Eni. If this is confirmed, I can only say "Bye bye Mr. Descalzi!" I hope that the new CEO of Eni is a worthy and honorable man, a honest and ethical professional, doing what is right to do in my case: to open an investigation so that the truth can emerge from the corruption bog of this company so that I, after almost 17 years, can rescue and restore my name, my honor and my reputation that has been denigrated and depreciated by Eni to this day. Read more about my 16 years fight agains Eni.  

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