Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ms. Gabanelli: My case is very similar!

This intimidating attitude, to try to silence its opponents, is in Eni's DNA!!!

In 2013, an investigative reporter from Italian TV RAI, Ms. Milena Gabanelli, showed the company's corrupt management in her TV Program: REPORT. The result: Eni opened a lawsuit of 25 million Euro for slander and defamation. However, a colleague from her profession, made an electronic petition at, in defense of the journalist, and obtained over 150 thousands of signatures. Eni changed its mind and ended the lawsuit.

In 2010, Eni decided to file a civil lawsuit in the Court of Rome against me and the Brazilian Business Ethics Institute - an institution I founded in 2003 to promote Ethics in the business and student world - demanding an indemnity of 15 million Euros for damage caused by my libel or slander.

This is Eni's Way!!!

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