Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A whistleblower at 2017 Eni's Shareholders' Meeting

I’m a whistleblower of the Italian oil giant! My fight story against Eni will turn 16 years in the month of August 2017. My story was published in the book "Eni: The Parallel State” by journalists Andrea Greco and Giuseppe Oddo. Mr. Greco says that: “the authors decided to include your story because, after reading most of the documents you sent and talked with their sources, they convinced themselves that the story had roots, and that was right and interesting to include it in the context of 'Stato Parallelo'”.

Now, Mr. Mauro Meggiolaro is Eni’s Critical Shareholder (Fondazione Finanza Etica - Gruppo Banca Etica) and took my case to Eni Shareholder's Meeting (April 13, 2017).

I wrote 10 questions but, the Board of Eni did not answer each of my questions. The company preferred to answer all my questions in a long text, and so, Eni invented "new deceitful versions" about my story (Questions and answers before the Shareholders’ Meeting 2017 - Italian version - English translation forthcoming). 

An example of Eni's lies about my case is that, in the only answer to my ten questions, Eni says at 2017 Eni’s Shareholder Meeting:

"Contrary on what was said Mr. Flinto, of Eni's in-depth analysis, following the communications received from Mr. Flinto in 2002, as well as represented by the Statutory Auditors in the Report of the Shareholder's Meeting informed in Eni's 2002 Balance Sheer, 'the former employee was dismissed, along with other actors of wrongful acts, for reticence, breach of confidentiality duty and the attempt to instrumentally use the Code of Ethics of Eni to take personal advantage of the company”.

I searched the internet and I found on Eni's website Eni 2002 Consolidated Results. This is the LINK to the "FULL" document (March 2003). 

Eni continues to lie and to hide the truth! This type of attitude is part of the character of the company! Just look at the OPL 245 Case in Nigeria! Shell has already admitted illegal and unethical acts in the acquisition of OPL 245 and Eni’s Board of Directors continues to deny the irregularities.

Obviously there is nothing about my case. Eni continues to lie! Eni continues to denigrate my name, my honor, my image and my reputation! 

I make Malala Yousafzai’s words my own: “I tell my story not because it is unique but because it is not” and I hope my story can be served as an example, motivation and inspiration to other whistleblowers who are being silenced and their careers and reputations buried around the world by companies that dont’t respect their codes of ethics, by employees and executives who steal corporate coffers and the board that pretends nothing happens.

My fight against a giant continues!

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