Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When a company is a "Parallel State"

Politicians conspired to overthrow the CEO of the largest Italian company (Eni) to reach the Prime Minister of Italy and they don't care about the shareholders.

On March 17th of 2016, Andrea Greco, an economics journalist for the Italian journal "La Repubblica" (The Republic), in a partnership with Giuseppe Oddo, launched the book "The Parallel State: The first investigation on Eni". This book, in a short time, is a "Best Seller" in Italy! Including, the summary of my fight story against Eni, of nearly 15 long years, is part of this investigative book. And this is a big victory for me and for all whistleblowers arond the world!

In Brazil, the state oil company Petrobras is just like this!

See the report here (Italian language)

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