Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Will the Board of Eni finally answer?

A former executive – a whistleblower who was dismissed after following the Code of Ethics of the company, reporting a millionaire scheme of internal fraud and corruption at the Brazilian subsidiary of the Italian giant Eni – demands answers from the members of the Board of Eni during the Shareholders Assembley 2016, which is taking place on May 12th.

1. What is Eni’s Code of Ethics for? The words and spirit of this instrument are for real or just to meet the requirements of the market and investors? What are the obligations of Eni’s Ethics Committee existing in all its subsidiaries around the world?

2. Why the internal channels of Eni’s Brazilian subsidiary, after receiving a complaint of a millionaire scheme of fraud and corruption, didn’t investigate it as it should and, moreover, punished with resignation, a committed, dedicated and brilliant executive who did exactly what Eni’s Code of Ethics demands of any company employee, in any country Eni operates?

3. What Eni’s Brazilian subsidiary tried to hide by dismissing this “whistleblower”? How far would reach the ramifications of the scheme of fraud and corruption that this “whistleblower” identified and helped – through the information contained in all your correspondence – Eni to annihilate?

4. Why the management of the CEO Vittorio Mincato neither listened nor answered and, much less, investigated the facts narrated by this “whistleblower”? Why the management of the CEO Paulo Scaroni preferred to propose an “Indemnity Lawsuit” at Italy, demanding 30 million Euros from the “whistleblower”? Why the management of the CEO Claudio Descalzi continued with this lawsuit? What is Eni trying to hide with this attitude contrary to its own Code of Ethics?

5. Why Eni doesn’t open an internal investigation, with independent auditors to check whether there was a mistake in the lawsuit of this “whistleblower”? Judging by the amount of corroborating documents, there is an overwhelming evidence that this “whistleblower” has always spoken the truth! This would be the fairest way to emerge the real truth of the facts presented here.

If Eni is an Ethical Company, it will answer: Why did Eni kill a whistleblower? 

Will the Board of Eni finally answer?

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